Blood and Hair samples of Subba Raju collected

subbaraju-15631The SIT trial in Hyderabad-based drug racket case continues on the third day, Subbaraju who received notices on the case came to the office Friday for inquiry.

In a fresh turn of events in the ongoing investigation into a drugs case, excise (enforcement) director Akun Sabharwal briefed media today and told critical information has been revealed from Subba Raju. One more top family from industry would be served notices on Monday.  He denied the reports of targeting Tollywood, Based on information given by drug peddlers investigation is going on, said Akun

Akun Sabharwal himself has clarified that Subba Raju is cooperating with SIT in interrogation. SIT officers are investigating Subba Raj for over ten hours and it would continue for some more time.

Sources say Blood, Nail and Hair samples have been collected from the actor by Osmania medial team.