BJP’s Surgical Strike on Congress in Goa

manohar-parrikarThe ruling BJP has resorted to a #SurgicalStrike On Congress in Goa after the elections and all set to form the next government.

Despite BJP scored 4 seats less than Congress in goa , but with the support of 3 MLAs of Goa Forward Party and also 3 MLAs of MGP and 3 other Independents, BJP claims to have crossed the magic figure of 21 members in 40 seat Assembly.

BJP leader Nitin Gadkari said, Manohar Parrikar will have to give resignation as Defence Minister before becoming Goa CM, but he has not given it yet. MGP,GFP said during our discussions that if Manohar Parrikar becomes Goa CM candidate, then we will support.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar to held a press conference in Goa said, “We met the Governor, expecting an invitation.Once we receive it,we will consult our colleagues and decide the date for swearing in.This is a mandate given by the people, though we fell short of majority. Together we have completed the magic figure of 21″.

Congress alleged of horse trading in Goa, its leader Digvijay singh said,” Is this a party of morals? They’ve been defeated & doing horse-trading, promising ministries like distributing sweets. We are in touch with non-BJP MLAs, we are confident we have have number on our side. Go ahead if you (BJP) have support of more than 21,we’re ready to sit in opposition but its coup against people’s mandate”.