BJP workers clean Prakash Raj stage with cow urine

rp_prakash-300x185-1-300x185.jpgActor Prakash Raj has notched up numerous critical and commercial hits in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi cinema, has caught in a political war with BJP.

He tweeted, BJP workers cleaning and purifying the stage ..from where I spoke in Sirsi town …by sprinkling cow urine (divine gomoothra)…🤭🤭🤭…will you continue this cleaning and purification service where ever I go….. #justasking. We the citizens together …are more powerful than these self-proclaimed leaders … explaining my #justasking campaign.

He said, “They say I am anti-Hindu but I say I am anti-Modi, anti-Amit Shah and anti-Hegde,” PM Modi remained silent when Modi supporters celebrated the killing of journalist Gauri Lankesh. A true Hindu cannot support such activity,” said Prakash Raj.