BJP to take action against Shatrughan Sinha

ShatrughanSinha_AFP380BJP is likely to take action against its leader Shatrughan Sinha for his controversial remarks on the BJP’s government after losing elections in Bihar .

Shatrughan Sinha citing reasons behind BJP’s defeat said that, He had predicted the results much before and tried to inform the party suggesting the government to control price raise of commodities, to refrain from doing ‘negative’ politics.

He said , He didn’t expect such a disastrous results, Despite all his efforts & pressure coming from the masses, He wasn’t called during elections. He said, Accountability must be fixed by the party and requested the BJP to introspect its shortcoming and take action.

Shatrughan Sinha met Nitish Kumar and congratulated him for the victory . He said Nitish has been a tried, tested to become successful CM with good track record.

Reacting on shotgun comments Uma Bharti said, India is progressing rapidly under Modi, that is why conspiracy was hatched. Awards returned,beef issue raised,statements given. Shatrughan Sinha through his remarks became a part of that conspiracy. Party will surely take action.