BJP to face tough time in AP in case of split with TDP

tdp-bjpBJP could have a tough time in AP in case of a split with TDP, The withdrawal of TDP from the Union Cabinet, though a well-calculated move by Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, has put the ruling party at political crossroads.

An impression has gone into the majority of people that Narendra Modi promised many things to Telugu people of Andhra Pradesh. Naidu is requesting the central government to full fill the promises made in Parliament and election campaign. But Modi has deliberately neglected the state.

While BJP says, Its TDP’s ‘political compulsion’ a chance to emerge as the third alternative after Naidu’s central ministers quit over Andhra Pradesh special status issue. BJP believes what has happened tonight is a classic case of political opportunism and a case of compulsive politics. Chandrababu Naidu ‘s statement that Central govt is not standing up to support Andhra Pradesh is a blatant lie.

To put a brave face, BJP ministers Kamineni Srinivas Rao (medical and health) and P Manikyala Rao (endowments) submitted their resignation letters to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister. It is also using the social media by posting that “Narendra Modi government has never cheated Andhra Pradesh or made any fake promise. The government even never denied Funds, Central Government Just asked How and Where they need money? State till now never provided that answer for which it is answerable to the Centre”.

Even TDP is countering BJP with ist posts saying “What do you know about Polavaram? The amount that needs to be given to the people who gave their lands, itself is 33000 crores. Do you know how much they gave? Not even a single rupee. The total project estimated is 58000 crores, for which they have given 5000 crores. Coming to Capital city, Do you think 2500 crores is sufficient to build a world-class capital city which Modi has promised before elections? Out of this 2500 crores, 1000 crores was given for underground drainage. People are laughing at PM. Coming to 90% for centrally aided projects, In the last September, Center announced that they will give package instead of Special status. Its been 6 months and we asked it should be legally documented. “