BJP shows growth in Bihar, Emerge as No:1

According to Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya , the caste factor played a key role in Bihar elections, which led to BJP’s failure.

Bandaru Dattatreya citing the reason for the BJP failure said, caste factor played a crucial role in the Bihar . He said, BJP was lost with just 1000 votes in 50 constituencies.

According to statistics , BJP has improved its vote share by 8.5% . Its vote share in 2010 was 16.49% and in 2015 its is 25.10%.

While the congress’s vote share is down by 2%, JDU’s by 6% and LJP by 1.5% and RJD down by 0.74%.

BJP is the only party which showed growth and emerged as Uno one party in Vote Share .But unfortunately vote share was not completely transferred into seats.