BJP offered 100 cr and cabinet posts to MLAs : Kumaraswamy

kumaraHD Kumaraswamy, JD(S) leader made serious Horse trading allegations on BJP saying it has offered 100 cr and cabinet posts to JDS MLA’s.

He stated that BJP’s Ashwamedha Yatra started in North, the horses have been stopped in Karnataka. This verdict is to stop the Ashwamedha Yatra.

Kumaraswamy held a press meet along with his brother Revanna . Speaking to media He said, Forget ‘Operation Kamal’ being successful, there are people who are ready to leave BJP&come with us. If you try to poach one from ours, we’ll do the same & take double from you. I’m also telling the Governor to not take any decision which encourages horse-trading. We will meet the Governor once again along with state Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee President (G Parameshwara):

On being asked if he had met BJP Karnataka in-charge Prakash Javadekar He said, Who is Javadekar? Who is that gentleman?. This is a bogus news. No Javadekar, no BJP leader has met me till now.

But the point is if people wanted Kumaraswamy to become king then people would have given him more than 112 seats and not just 38 seats.