BJP leader Siddharth Nath once again insults Pawan Kalyan

pawan-kalyan-siddharth-nath-singhBJP finally slams at Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan for his series of tweets targeting the party via twitter over issues like Cow Slaughter, Rohith Vemula suicide, Patriotism and AP Special status .

AP in-charge Siddharth Nath Singh once again insults Pawan Klayan by talking to media. He said, Criticism is welcomed in Democracy but before Pawan Kalyan tweets anything, he should become knowledgeable. He advised Pawan not to go hasten before he wants to jump into serious politics.

He further advised Pawan to be serious by doing studies , political studies on the constitution and Law & Order and also on what BJP is saying / not saying. He told Pawan to be a serious politician first.

Speaking about Special Package, The BJP leader told, He has asked Pawan Kalyan to give him 5 points which are not covered under special package But till date Pawan did not come out. He once again requested him to give at least 5 points that are not covered in Special package.