BJP leader Kishan Reddy counters Pawan Kalyan’s attack

pkBJP leader Kishan Reddy who went to Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan’s house and requested him to campaign for BJP in 2014 elections, slammed at the actor.

As informed Pawan Kalyan has started his attack on BJP through twitter for last two days. He cornered BJP over Cow Slaughter and Rohit Vemula Suicide issues for last two days.

Reacting to Pawan’s harsh comments, BJP leader Kishan Reddy gave a counter attack to Pawan Kalyan.

He questioned, Why did Pawan has not reacted for all these days ?. Has someone preached him some kind of enlightenment in Overnight?.  If Pawan had reacted earlier, BJP would have given him a reply. But now, There is no need for BJP to answer Pawan Kalyan and they are not taking Pawan’s remarks into consideration.