BJP invites Revanth Reddy into party

rp_revanth-reddy-300x250-300x250-300x250-300x250-300x250.jpgTelangana TDP working president Revanth Reddy who has decided to join the Congress party gets an offer from BJP.

BJP MLA Prabhakar reportedly met Revanth Reddy and invited him into BJP and assured him that the BJP would give him much priority.

However talking to media he said, it was just a casual meeting, he came to Peddamma Temple and Revanth’s house is close to the temple so he met him.

On the other hand, BJP leader Laxman said BJP is contesting 2019 election without any alliances. Congress has lost credibility in public and even if new faces join it, doesn’t benefit the Congress.

The Talk is What would be the use of BJP leaders after Revanth took the decision to join Congress?.