BJP holds KCR responsible for stinky Hyderabad

GARBAGE on roadThe indefinite strike by municipal sanitation workers across Telangana State has reached seventh day.

GHMC workers are agitating for hike in their wages boycotting civil services , which turned Swachh Hyderabad into Dumpyard.

The talks between the Municipal workers and the State Government have failed as the workers are stuck on their demands. The alternative arrangements by authorities have failed to lift up the garbage in the city.

While BJP leader Kishan Reddy said, The municipal ministry is under CM K.Chandrashekar Rao and held KCR responsible for the present situation and alleged that KCR was trying to split the workers .

He said During Swachh Hyderabad program Municipal workers were appeared as Gods to KCR and now do they look like Demons? , He questioned.