BJP game plan : Pawan Kalyan may become AP CM

rp_tamma-reddy-300x200.jpgProminent director and producer Tamma Reddy Bharadwaja made several interesting comments on the politics of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He shared his thoughts with audiences in the program “Naa Alochana”.

Quoting a conversation with an auto driver when he landed in Vijayawada Tamma Reddy shared the conversation in a video. He said the auto driver told him that BJP has a game plan for coming 2019 elections. It will put AP CM Chandrababu Naidu in jail in Vote-Note case and YSRCP president Jagan in CBI case and give Pawan Kalyan the opportunity to become CM with BJP’s support.

Tammareddy said that the auto driver told that, Amit Shah advised Pawan to meet with KCR, There are more settlers in Telangana and Janasena will contest in Hyderabad to attract their votes.

Tammaredy said, the Auto driver has a great knowledge and he is a Janasainik, very honest for returning his 20 rupees.

In the meantime Mahesh Kathi tweetd, జనసేన ఫ్యాన్ కాన్స్పిరసి థియరీ చాలా క్లియర్గా ఉంది. చంద్రబాబుని, జగన్ ని జైల్లో పెట్టి,పవన్ కు అవకాశం కల్పించడం బీజేపీ గేమ్ ప్లాన్ అని. ఏమో…ఏమో గుర్రం ఎగరావచ్చు!’