BJP fueled controversy brings huge collections for Mersal

rp_mersal-300x300.jpgProtests against Kollywood actor Vijay’s latest outing Mersal , have picked up momentum in Tamilnadu.

While the Doctors allahged that Vijay is spreading lies with the movie and demanded to roveme scenes that show doctors in poor light. On the other hand BJP also denmaned to remove scenes related to GST and Digital India.

Actor Kamal Hassan came in support of Mersal He said, “Mersal was certified.Don’t recensor it.Counter criticism with logical response.Don’t silence critics.India will shine when it speaks’.

This controversy created around the film’s political content only adds more hype and craze to see it. BJP fueled controversy on removing Vijay’s GST dialogues created terrific pressure for tickets as people wanted to see it before the scenes are chopped.