BJP defeat will start with Visakhapatnam : Pawan Kalyan

pkPawan Kalyan Janasena party’s Letter of appeal sent to PMOs office in favour of the ongoing agitation against privatisation of DCI(Dredging corporation of India) by its employees.

Pawan said, It is not correct to give DCI to private individuals. Behind the growth of the company, there is hard work of thousands of employees. Janasena will not leave the Local MPs Kambhampati Haribabu and Avanthi Srinivas who are escaping from public issues. . Those who do not have a disgrace on public issues have no right to ask vote in 2019. I am not a BJP TDP or any other political party supporter. I’m a people supporter. My moral support is for the DCI employees. I came to Vishakha to question on the employee’s’ issues. There is a lot of people to share their sufferings.”, said Pawan.

He said, I wrote to the Prime Minister on issues of DCI employees. I explained why Dredging Corporation should not be privatized. In the letter requested to the release of funds to be paid immediately. Its up to Modi govt to solve the problem. If the problem is not solved, the defeat of the BJP will start with Visakhapatnam.