Bitter war between two top lyricists

Competition and rivalry is quite common but jealousy is something different.  Unfortunately, the film industry has many who are jealous of each other’s success than treating it like competition and becoming better. One man who got targeted recently under this was the noted lyricist Ramajogayya Sastry.

It is heard that another lyricist who is also quite known got drunk at a private get together and started venting out his feelings. He said “Ramajogayya is not a poet or a worthy lyricist. What sort of lines he pens for songs? All rubbish and double meaning words!! He doesn’t have the material or literature in him.”

He added “All Boothu lyrics in his song. Take the song “poovai poovai antaadu auto apparao..pipipi nokkeththaadu scooter Subbarao”. Poovai Poovai doesn’t mean auto horn, Ramajogayya means it is br@@@ts and by Pipipi he doesn’t mean scooter horn, he means N@@@@@s which can be pressed. That’s his level.” Wonder what Ramajogayya has to say to this.