Birthday boy: Bala Sai Baba !

Kurnool Balasai Baba 53rd Birthday Celebration held at Nala Sai Baba Ashram, Sri Nilayam , Kurnool today.

Guesst include union minister Balaram Naayak , TG venkatesh, sports person Jaawla, Film actress Nisha Aagaewal & Kamjeet Malani have attended this celebrations.

As usual, Sri Bala Sai Baba made his annual offerings to the poor and needy, Sewing machines were distributed to financially distressed women, tricycles to the physically challenged, as well as other service – orientated programs.
Moreover, For this celebrations , Bala Sai spent huge  money for celebrates & live telecast to media to make it a grand success. While the guest like political leader used it as platform for self propaganda instead of sharing their experience of Baba’s association. And the foreign visitors were made fools .