Billionaire son learns importance of struggle

millionaire-sonBillionaire Gujarat Diamond businessman Ghanshyam Dholakia’s youngest son Hitarth Dholakia has led a normal life in Hyderabad to understand the suffering of common people and Learn the importance of struggle.

This Billionaire’s son came to Hyderabad from Gujarat with Rs.500 in hand and started his life by working in the sweet shop, Shopping Malls and call centres on daily wages. He stayed in RK lounge in Secunderabad paying Rs 100 per day and sharing room with 10 others.

He spent his life without taking his father name, away from family without any contact with them. He even doesn’t have the phone to call them. He never revealed his identity too.

After completion of 30 days, Ghanshyam and his wife have visited the shop in which their son worked and the room he stayed. Hitarth shared his experiences with his family members.