Bihar’s mandate is mood of Nation : Nitish Kumar

nitish11Bihar’s to be Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Congratulate people of Bihar stating that , This is the victory of Bihar’s ‘Swabhimaan’ and people of Bihar.

He said, Maha Gathbandhan has worked in unity in the elections and will continue to do so for the development of Bihar after forming government. This is a huge victory which suggests people of Bihar have aspirations and they will match up with people’s expectations .

He said, They don’t hold grudges against anyone, whatever happened during Bihar Elections won’t affect functioning of government. They  will work with positivity for the development of Bihar.  There is a growing desire in the country for a strong opposition, it is also the requirement of a functioning democracy. They will continue to respect their Opposition in Bihar, want to work in consensus with everyone to develop Bihar. People across nation definitely wish for an effective opposition, said Nitish.

He said, People have given them a decisive mandate and they  will introspect in areas where they have lost with a small margin.  The mandate given by people of Bihar has reflected the mood across the nation. Bihar’s people have gauged the mood of the nation, their verdict has reflected what the country thinks, said Nitish