Biggest surprise for Prabhas fans on Oct 5

prabhasOctober month is going to be the month of Baahubali, the team has announced the Timeline of the events.

The first will be the teaser of the Baahubali animated series on October 1 which will be showed on “Amazon Prime”.

Oct 5 is going to be the biggest surprise for Prabhas fans , not just Prabhas fans but entire South Indians, It’s not about Prabhas marriage or his next film details, says the director Rajamouli.

On Oct 21 night, the First Look of the film will be released to mark Prabhas’s birthday (22nd Oct).

The VR experience will be launched on October 23 .

the world of Baahubali is a huge tree, Baahubali is just a branch of it. There will be animated series, comic books, games and Baahubali virtual reality experience. You can get 360 degrees photos and making videos from the shoot directly on your phone too.