Bigg Boss turns into Adult show

bigg-bossThe biggest reality show on Telugu Television , Bigg Boss has transformed into a complete adult show for last few days. On its 34th episode , it has crossed every limit of decency.

In Today’s show, big bass begins the process of choosing the house captain from the house mates who were divided into two groups , Hotel staff and Royal guests. Navdeep selected as condeter from Royal guests and Mumaith Khan from Hotel staff after voting .

Bigg Boss gave a Challenge Task for Navdeep and Mumit Khan to win the Captain seat. It is a egg task, The house members were divided into two groups , Navdeep, Danush, Shiva Balaji, Diksha, Kathi Karthika in one group. Mumaith, Archana, Hariteja, Adarsh, Prince in another group.

The task was to save their eggs given in a bowl. Both teams trying to steal eggs of each other. The Task for the Eggs became a huge fuss in the house.

The housemates falling on each other without thinking of gender, Mumaith abusing dhanraj and Shiva balaji. While Shivabalaji taking the task as excuse, took the liberty of holding Diksha’s stomach tight and back hugging her and mumaith started commenting on this. Dhanraj made a statement that such kind of tasks are just creating violence .

In tomorrow’s episode, One of them among Mumait, Archana, Hari Teja and Dhanraj who are in the Elimination Zone, will be eliminated tomorrow.