Bigg Boss episode 8 Highlights – First Elimination

bigg-boss-8The first wicket is down from the Biggest reality show Big Boss on its episode 8 telecasted on Star Maa Telugu.

One was eliminated out of 14 celebrities are contesting for the title of season 1 of Bigg Boss Telugu version, hosted by Jr. NTR.

The episode 8 highlights before the elimination were, Bigg boss family members have come up with some funny questions about what one thinks about each other.

  • Do you think that Dhanraj is too intelligent?,
  • Do you think that Archana offered free advice to Madhupriya?
  • Should Mumaith Khan be punished for punishing the Big Boss House Members?
  • Did Kalpana try to score more marks to be the caption?
  • Did Adarsh’s performance seem odd?
  • Did Karthika needlessly go to the safe zone?
  • Is Prince a cat on the wall?.
  • Did Sampoornesh act as a Sick?
  • Did you find the change in Madhu Priya on leaving Bigg Boss?
  • Did Shiva Balaji mess up a cigarette to be in Focus?
  • Is Sameer behaving like a secret captain?.

All the members have participated in the voting of these questions.

When Sampoornesh raised his elimination issue, NTR told him that One who fights the problems is the real hero and told him to face like a hero.

On the other hand, NTR gave a task to the bigg boss house members to draw the Bigg Boss based on the voice they have heard.

Jyothi, Madhupriya, Kati Kartikka, Harithaja and Mahesh Kathi were in the key Elimination zone, Joythi was the one who was eliminated.

After Jyothi elimination, she predicted that Shiva Balaji might turn as a winner in the season one of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss gave Jyothi a weapon called Big Bomb and told to throw on one of the members of the house. Prince has become the victim as the Big Bomb fell on him, which makes him punishable to wash clothes of all other participants for one week.