Bigg Boss episode 7 Highlights – NTR’s Josh

bigg-boss-7Telugu Television Reality Show Big Boss Episode 7 was filled with full Josh with the entry of Young Tiger NTR.

In this episode, Madhupriya and Sampoornesh have tired of getting out of the big boss. The Big Boss sent the doctor to check Sampoorsh who was suffering from Home sickness. Sampoornesh even gives a deadline of one week for the Bigg Boss to eliminate him.

NTR talks to celebrities through my TV in Big Boss House. NTR has thanked celebrities for Successfully completing the week in the House, away from their families. He asked them about the controversies from the first episode of the Bigg Boss House.

Speaking about Mumaith, NTR has suggested her to learn the Telugu language as quickly as possible instead of punishing others. He also talked about the clash between Jyothi and Kathi Karthika over cleaning of carpet. NTR asked Sampoorsh as why he failed as the caption.

Talking about Rules Break about Shivabalaji, NTR asked for reasons behind his anger and also joked on his Dosas. Talking about Singar Madhupriya, he said, “Why are you crying after going to Big Boss House? , there should be a good reason to cry and advised her not to cry.

When celebrities asked for the response of Bigg Boss, NTR said the response is superb.

Talking about elimination, NTR said Madhupriya, Katti Karthika, Mahesh Katti, Haritha, Jyothi are in Elimination Zone. Madhupriya, Katti Karthika are in the safe zone and told Maseh Katti to pack his bag. When entire members became emotional, NTR said Elimination has been postponed to tomorrow.