Bigg Boss episode 6 Highlights : Kalpana becomes caption

bigg-boss-6thFor the first time on the reality show Bigg Boss, some kind of Hungama was witnessed on the 6th episode.

The highlights of today’s big boss house are the rule to speak Telugu, Mumaith Khan has punished Prince and Mahesh Kathi for not speaking Telugu.

Homesick Singer Madhupriya again started crying and wants to leave the show. Her complaint is that she never does any work at Home and n the Bigg Boss she has been assigned works and her Blood pressure is coming down while doing works.

Bigg Boss once again warned the members about severe punishments if they violate the rules especially the Smoking zone area.

Bigg Boss has given the members a chance to select their caption after Sampoornesh has been removed from captaincy. Only two of the ladies were eligible to be the caption and asked Price to conduct a swimming pool competition between Kalpana and Mumaith. And Kalpana became the new caption.

Balaji fired Bigg Boss for damaging their pride, the show has started just five days back. Even Dhanraj also fired on Bigg Boss for not sending even cigarettes.