Bigg Boss episode 10 Highlights – Irritated Sampoornesh walks out

sampoorneshIn the 10th episode of the popular reality show Big Boss, Actor Sampoornesh Babu’s surprised everyone with a sudden walkout of the show.

Sampoornesh turning out emotional and serious for being continued on the show and expressed his anger over Bigg Boss which has led to his walkout after talking to Bigg Boss in the confession room.

Mumaith Khan explains the reason behind her cry in the previous episode. Sameer says caption Kalpana is the reason behind Mumaith Khan’s cry and she gave a clarity to Hari Teja that Kalpana has not given her the opportunity to talk.

While Kapana complained Bigg Boss about the discovered bed room of the members and mentions that nobody is following the rules.

Coming to the elimination, Irritated Sampoornesh expresses his anger on Bigg Boss. He cleary says that he is not interested in staying at Big Boss house and face consequences if he is not allowed to walkout.

Even Danraj fires on Bigg Boss for not responding till evening and Fibnaaly Sampoo geta call from Bigg Boss and allowed him to walkout from the show.