Bigg Boss 5th day : Sampoornesh removed as caption

bigg-boss-5th-dayThe Bigg Boss of the reality show hosted by NTR has punished the members of the Bigg Boss house for failing in completing the tasks and maintaining the discipline.

In the fifth episode, The Bigg boss has selected Sameer for the weekend elimination for not completing the secret task.

In the same way, the Bigg boss has removed Sampoornesh Babu from caption post for not doing the responsibilities. Bigg boss expressed his disappointment on Sampoo for not doing works and not bringing friendly environment among members. Big boss has revealed that the captain has been given an opportunity to change but he failed. Bigg Boss has declared that Sampoo cannot be a caption in future.
Bigg Boss has punished Dhanraj, Adarsh, Sampoo, Samir and Prince for over sleeping and smoking in a group. Until his next order, all these members have to do cycling, two at a time in the garden without sleeping. Bigg Boss also gave 200 points for each member to shop luxury food items like Bread, Ghee, and briquettes..etc.

Big boss has revealed that some of the members have violated the rules, even though the show is targeted to Telugu people but some are speaking in other languages. He strictly told them to speak in Telugu. However, Mumait Khan was given a few days exemption from this rule and ordered to teach Jyoti to Telugu to her. Bigg Boss also gave power Mumait Khan to punish those who don’t speak in Telugu.