Bigg Boss 23 episode full of kisses

bigg-bossThe Biggest Reality Show ‘Bigg Boss’ in Telugu television has completed 22 episodes and entered the 23rd episode. In the Sunday’s episode, Rana gave special entry as Raja Joginder.

And in Monday’s episode, Adharsh wife’s birthday is celebrated and Bigg Boss gave a fun task for the members of the house and also gave full powers to Adharsh.

If any housemate wants to talk to the captain , he should first kiss the captain and then talk. Adarsh gave the order to Prince and Siva Balaji. Prince was fascinated by Maxi of Kalpana and kissed Adarsh for several times.Hari Teja was given the task of singing instead of normal conversation. Deeksha and Archana were handcuffed by Adharsh and both came to know each other.

On the other hand, Bigg Boss has started the elimination process for this week and told the contestants to spread the foam on two contestants.

Deeksha nominated Prince, Hari teja
Mahesh Katti – Kalpana, Deeksha,
Mumiath Khan – Kalpana, Deeksha
Adarsh – Mahesh Kathi, Shiva Balaji
Harithage – Kalpana, Sivabalaji
Kalpana – Mahesh Kathi, Deeksha,
Dhanraj – Mahesh Kathi, Deeksha,
Kathi Karthika .. Mahesh Kathi, Archana
Prince … Deeksha, Kalpana
Archana .. Kalpana, Kathi Kartika
Siva Balaji .. Hari Teja, Kalpana

Kalpana -6
Deeksha -6