Big heroine’s dirty politics for her sister

She is one of the most sought after heroines in the film industry and has good following in the down south too. While she is considered a friendly person on the sets and speaks to everyone with a smile, it appears that she has another side which not many know.

According to sources, it is heard that this heroine has been doing her best to push her sister in the industry. For that, she is not stopping at applying pressure or using negative statements and spreading bad rumours on other heroines . Buzz is that this is happening a lot on the brand endorsement and other inauguration related events.

As a sister, she might want to see her sibling doing well in career but the approach taken by this big heroine is not professional or ethical. Those who are aware of these tactics are not saying a word since she is a very big star but they are hoping she mends her ways. Let us see what happens.