Big Blow to Rahul Gandhi with Karnataka poll results

rp_rahul-gandhi_congress-plenary-300x185-1-300x185.jpgKarnataka polls verdict has come as big blow results for Congress president Rahul Gandhi, who is dreaming to become the Prime Minister of India in 2019.

Congress + was ruling in 13 states in 2014 but now the figure has come down to three states (Punjab, Mizoram and Puducherry ) whereas BJP+ graph raided from 6 states to 21 states in the country.

Karnataka polls verdict is the bury of Congress dreams to come into power in the country for at least next 5 years. Rahul Gandhi was hoping that Karnataka will provide him with the launchpad to challenge Modi, but it became a sore point for him.

While Narendra Modi and Amit Shah stuck to their agenda to make India ‘Congress-mukt’ and The anti-incumbency factor of Siddramaiah govt led to such a defeat, despite Lingayat factor.