Bheemaneni follows Rajamouli

Ace director Rajamouli’s ‘Eega’ starring Nani and Samantha completed 50days milestone today. Titles in the film start with Rajamouli’s daughter requesting dad to tell her a story before going to sleep. Then director starts narrating the story of a king but daughter asks for a new and fresh one rather than the old ones. Then Rajamouli starts Eega story. Now, another daughter joined the list requesting a story from dad. She is Bheemaneni Srinivasa Rao’s daughter who asks her dad to narrate a story before titles begin for Sudigadu.

We know that, Sudigadu starring Allari Naresh and Monal Gajjar is made with a spoof of 100 Telugu hit films. Bheemaneni followed Rajamouli , film titles start with Bheemaneni’s daughter asking dad to narrate a story. Then Bheemaneni begins to narrate Eega story to his daughter but she isn’s satisfied. Then, Bheemaneni begins the movie witha true Telugu hero story of Sudigadu. So, this director spoofed even titles of his film from Eega. Wish that Sudigadu will score a big hit like Eega.