Bhaskar To Direct Allu Arjun For Free?

Allu Arjun’s Movie in the direction of Director Bhaskar is expected to confirm soon. This movie will be produced by Nagendra Babu under the banner Anjana Production.

Sources say that Bhaskar will not be taking any remuneration for this movie. When Orange became a flop, it was Bhaskar who held responsible for all the losses and his career went out of track mainly due to Nagendra Babu. Although Bhaskar is directing Hero Ram at the moment, he is not getting offers as expected. Bhaskar wanted to fix it from where it started. He approached Nagendra Babu for a film and he said he is ready to do it without taking any remuneration. If the film makes profits then only the producer can pay any remuneration to him.

It looks like Bhaskar is seriously determined this time to give a blockbuster. Let us wait and see what happens.