Bhanu watched film after murdering Suri

Gangster Bhanu Kiran watched the movie Tees Mar Khan at a theatre near Central Railway station in Mumbai on January 4, 2011 a day after killing Maddelacheruvu Suri in Hyderabad. Bhanu told the CID in his confession that he watched the movie along with his associate Manmohan Singh.

Bhanu also revealed that in December 2010, as per the instructions of Suri and director Ram Gopal Varma, he took reels of the movie Raktha Charitra-2 from Balaji Colour Labs of C. Kalyan and Singanamla Ramesh from Hyderabad to Bengaluru for preview at Forum Mall and another theatre at Mekhri Circle. The CID is likely to question Ram Gopal Varma over his alleged links with Bhanu.

After escaping Bhanu tried to read Telugu newspapers in Mumbai in which his photograph was published. “When I saw my photograph and Suri’s body, I bought a razor and went to a Sulabh complex to remove my moustache in a bathroom. I told Manmohan Singh that I killed a very big person in Hyderabad and if the police arrest me they will kill me in encounter,” Bhanu said.