Bhanu, Suri made Rs 200cr in Handri-Neeva project

The Crime Investigation Department (CID)says that Bhanu and his boss Maddalacheruvu Suri,whom he killed in January last year, had made a neat Rs 200 crore in the Handri-Neeva irrigation project by taking contracts and sub-contracts in benami or surrogate names.

The investigations by the CID has revealed that Bhanu and Suri invested the money they earned through extortions, in the irrigation project in Anantapur district and made a killing. “Suri and Bhanu diversified their activities. They made around Rs 200 crore in this project. We have to ascertain more facts about this after taking Bhanu into police custody,” said a CID investigator.

Bhanu had been on the run for over a year before he was arrested two days ago. The CID found that he had a network of contacts in places like Gurgaon in Haryana and in Uttar Pradesh where he took refuge. “Apart from Rs 4 lakh that he had stocked up before he killed Suri, Bhanu also borrowed huge amounts of money from his contacts in north India and Bengaluru,” a police official said.