Bhale Manchi Roju Movie Review

Bhale-Manchi-Roju-Censor-ReportFilm :Bhale Manchi Roju
Director : Sriram Aditya
Producer : Vijay kumar reddy
Music Director : Sunny M.R.
Starring : Sudheer Babu, Wamiqa Rating : 3/5


Failed in Love, Ran (Sudhir Babu) wants to take revenge on his girlfriend (Dhanya Balakrishna) . On the other hand Sita(WamiqaGarbi) marriage gets cancelled as Bridegroom runs away from mandapam in Undrajavaram and Sita gets kidnaped by Shakti(Sai Kumar ) gang. Coincidentally Ram’s vehicle runs into Shakti and Sita escapes in the accident.

Shakti’s henmen catch Ram’s friend adini (Praveen) as hostage and demand Ram to bring Sita. In his journey to bring back sita, RAm meets two kidnappers isu and Albert. How will Ram’s journey continue with them? Will Ram gets hold of Sita ? Is there any Love between them? forms the story.

Lover boy image hero sudheer Babu has impressed with his acting in a comedy touch character .Wamiqa also impressed with her energy and ease in the film. Saikumar as comedy villain was good, ’30 years industry’ Prudhvi’s Character was a highlight . Praveen, Posani, sriram, Paruchuri Gopala Krishna were good in their roles.

Bhale Manchi Roju came as a crime comedy thriller, but it has more comedy coefficient. It has comedy scenes related to the plot . director Sriram Aditya has taken immense car for the first part of the film , but lost grip in second part. Slow narration will test the patience of the audience in second part . However, the climax 20 minutes will bounce back to give good entertainment.

Cinematography should be applauded, the movie tends to be a dark comedy , the lighting and locations were good to showcase it as reality. The movie do not need song, but the makers have put songs . Overall its a different film .
Sudheer Babu, Wamiqa

Slow Narration
second half


Good Film