Beware : Cat meat Biryani served in Chennai roadside outlets

chennai-cat-biryaniBeware : If you are a Biriyani lover and hungry to eat on road side stalls in Chennai , where Biryani is sold for just Rs.50….Just a Second !! Read this …

On a complaint given ‘People for Cattle in India’ stating that Cats are missing in Chennai city , Chennai police have investigated and caught few people , who revealed some shocking truths. They said, they were selling cats to road side Biryani stalls where the stolen cats are slaughtered for meat to prepare delicious Biyani.

Even Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) outlets , a company owned by the Government of Tamil Nadu, also serves side dishes made up of cat meat, said the police. The cat meat weighing anything between two to three kg costs around 100.