Bethaludu Movie Review – Psychological Thriller

bethaludu-review-telugu-squareMovie : Bethaludu
Cast: Vijay Antony, Arundhathi Nair
Director : Pradeep Krishnamoorthy
Producer : Fathima Vijay Antony
Music : Vijay Antony Rating 3/5


Dinesh (Vijay Antony) is a brilliant software engineer who is happily leading a life with his mother. He gets a request from a matrimonial website from Ishwarya ( Arundathi Nair), who is an orphan and gets married . After 10 days of married life, he hears a suspicious voice which insists him to kill a lady named Jayalakshmi. and also encourage him to commit suicide.

His friend takes him to a psychiatrist who hypnotics him to know about his past life . Vijay Antony’s name in past life is Sharma and Jayalakshmi ( Arundathi Nair) was his wife. To find out the truth he goes to a remote village where he finds his past life in which he was a strict teacher which brought him the name as Bethaludu. He also has adopted a boy.

Unemployed Jayalakshmi meets Sharma who offers a teaching post to her and she becomes close to his small boy. Sharam marries Jayalakshmi. While English teacher Natarajan gets into an extra-marital affair with Jayalakshmi. Both of these plans to kill Sharma nd his son . What is the connection between past and present life ? forms the story .


Vijay showed his acting talent , However, can’t find many variations in Dinesh and Sharma roles. Still, he managed to act without boring the audience. Maybe he want to showcase his mass-energy , the climax will have a big fight. Arundathi Nair impressed with her acting. Nothing to say about the rest of the cast.


One more time Vijay came with an unusual script which is inspired from one of Sujatha’s popular novels ‘Aah’. Without wasting any time the director Pradeep Krishnamoorthy went into the plot .A voice chasing Dinesh brings some thrilling effect to the audience, At Interval bang, Jayalakshmi character will be revealed. In the second half, the flashback story will begin. After revealing all the twists and the connection between the past and the present life, the director of the film took much time to complete the film.

For any thriller , after revealing the twist , audience lacks interest , delaying the climax gives a feel that the film is lagging. Overall , Bethaludu talks about a man who hears voices which lead him to investigate an unsolved murder.

The background score by Vijay Antony is largely impressive. The voice “Jaya Lakshmi” is thrilling. Cinematography by Pradeep Kalipurayath is good. Needs more editing during pre-climax.

+ Story
+ Vijay Antony
+ Background music
– Lack of entertainment
– Slow pace
– Pre-climax

Psychological Mystery Thriller