Baseless rumours on Ram Charan and Upasana

ram-charan-upasanaSome websites have published shocking rumours, stating that Ram Charan and Upasana are likely to get divorced and some unprofessional media channels propagated these rumours.

They mentioned that Upasana was feeling jealous and did not like the friendship between Ram Charan and Tennis Player Sania Mirza. And Ram Charan is attending parties with Sania Mirza . This was the mentioned reason for Upasana asking divorce from Ramcharan.

But the fact is that,  Ram Charan and Upasana have been married for 4 years and are happy couple .Ram Charan is focused on his film Thani Oruvan remake shooting, Upasana is busy with her business activities and both of them are concentrating on Sreeja’s wedding .