Barkha Dutt leaves NDTV to join Global Opinions

barkha_dutt_747874874New Delhi-based author, columnist, reporter and presenter with India’s NDTV Barkha Dutt left the NDTV to join The Global Opinions . She is the host of the popular television talk shows “We the People,” and the Emmy-nominated “The Buck Stops Here.”

She Tweeted ,” Did my last We The People. At 16 yrs its longest running TV show which I built from scratch,won scores of awards for& am hugely proud of Its been a super ride at NDTV but new beginning in 2017. I shall be moving on from NDTV to explore new opportunities & my own ventures!

As I move on after 21 Great NDTV yrs;a team I’m SO proud of, an Emmy Nomination & many other awards to cap it all,I count on your wishes Hugely excited to start New Year on a new slate, diversify my interests & build my own independent projects. Watch this space for more !.”.

The Global Opinions Deputy Editorial Page Editor Jackson Diehl and Global Opinions Editor Karen Attiah welcomed Barkha Dutt saying, The Washington Post is pleased to announce the addition of award-winning journalist Barkha Dutt to the Global Opinions section as a contributing columnist.