Bariatric Surgery for permanent weight loss !

Bariatric Surgery for permanent weight loss

Nova Speciality Surgery, a leading short-stay surgical centre in the city, today claimed that only ‘Bariatric Surgery’ can reduce set point for fat storage and achieve permanent weight loss safely and effectively. Talking to reporters, Advanced Laparoscope Surgeon and Board Certified Expert Bariatric Surgeon, Dr V Amar, claimed obesity was a major preventable health problem worldwide and this was largely due to the availability of high calorie refined foods and lack of exercise. Obesity can lead to more than 65 diseases, including diabetes type 2, hypertension, heart disease and asteoarthritis, the expert said and added other commerically available products promising to reduce weight did not give permanent results. In fact, weight was regained in more than 90 per cent of cases. Obesity can reduce life span up to 25 years and healthy diet and exercise are necessary to prevent obesity. But once obesity is developed ,the effect of diet control and exercise on weight loss is temporary, the doctor claimed. Bariatric Surgery is painless and recovery was also fast and came with no side affects, Dr Amar claimed.