Bangle sellers of Tollywood !

Generally, Ladies jewellery segment is marketed by lady models But for last few years even this segment is dominated by our Cinema heroes .

With globalisation many international brand entered into jewelry and NRI across the world invested into this business and came up with Brands . To popularize their brand instantly they have roped cinema heroes by paying them hefty amounts.

Kalyan jewellers roped Nagarjuna ,Amitabh.
Malabar Gold roped Jr.NTR, Mohan lal
Jos Alukkas roped Mahesh Babu
Joy Alukkas Madhavan

Many more jewellery shops roped Vijay Syurya ..etc The main reason for roping them is, Women are looking for quality goods instead of crazy designs so, instead of show designs with lady models , Jewellery owners are stressing on quality, price and brand using these Heroes turned Bangle sellers. In future we might see them as brand ambassadors for other exclusive  ladies products.