Bandaru Dattatreya turns Victim?

bandaruWho killed Hyderabad University research scholar Rohit?

Although, all fingers are pointing out at Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya , but through his letter to Union Minister smriti Irani, Bandaru Dattatreya was just exerting pressure on varsity to punish ASA activists for a better change in University Campus.

The reason was, Ambedkar students Association activists had reportedly protested the hanging of Yakub Memon – last year.  ASA  also manhandled  ABVP president Sushil Kumar when he took a protest against them.

But , media was from the beginning is trying to project  BJP as anti-dalit and Bandaru as the key person in Rohit’s suicide.

What Bandaru did was … he wrote a letter briefing about the situation in HCU campus. He never asked Smrit to take action on particular students . Even Rohith in his suicide note mentioned that, ” No one is responsible for his death”.

Here is the copy of Bandura’s letter to Smriti Irani