Ban “Sorry Teacher” !!

Telugu movie ‘Sorry Teacher’ which has completed its censor awarded U/A certificate is ready for release became the talk of the town today as woman organizations demanded for its ban today.

United Teachers Federation along with PDSU who were opposing this film right from the beginning has organized a protest against the film and demanded for its ban as the movie leaves a very bad impression on public showing the very respected profession ‘Teacher’ played by  Kavya Singh in the lead role in a very awkward manner  exposing her and behaving vulgarly with student . PDSU president Sandhya stated that the Movie consists of so many objectionable scenes. The relation between a Teacher and a student is portrayed vulgarly and it will affect all youngsters.

Meanwhile, The film unit is happy about these happenings one of them said whatever the reason “Sorry Teacher” film got huge publicity without any investment.  And asked Why only Teacher many professions like Nurse, lecture, Doctor…etc were shown indecently by many big directors and these so called woman organizations never objected them.