Balayya’s Shocking Dialogue On Chiranjeevi

Ever since the time Ram Charan has uttered the dialogue ‘Edho Chuskuni Thodalu Kotte Type Kaadhu Nenu’ in his recent release ‘Rachcha’, there has been a set of firecrackers here and there. While the mega fans enjoyed it thoroughly, the Nandamuri fans are having sleepless nights over it.

But now it appears that the time has come for Nandamuri fans to have their feast while mega fans might have to go silent. The reason for this is the inside talk that the film ‘Adhinayakudu’ has got Nandamuri Balakrishna coming up with a range of satires which include even the good friend Chiranjeevi.

Buzz is that the dialogue goes ‘Sontha oori janam ‘chi’ gotte vamsam needi…raashtram motham neeraajanaalu palikina vamsan maadi….already 14 pallu raalagottaa…migilina 18 koodaa raalagotta mantaavaa?’

Incidentally, the number 18 refers to the 18 seats of Chiranjeevi. This is said to be a hardcore dialogue aimed at the megastar. Inside talk is that this dialogue has been written after hearing the dialogue from ‘Rachcha’ about the ‘thigh slapping’.