Balayya sings from Babu’s Peom !!

In a bid to placate and t protect his brother in law, N Chandrababu Naidu, film star and younger son of Sr NT Rama Rao, Balakrishna has decided to play positive role in the Telugu Desam party and is keeping a low profile.

It seems he did not want to disturb TD president, who is in a crisis management mode and want to help him in that direction. The film star is ready to accept whatever the TD president offers and want to see that the later did not face any trouble from the NTR family.
He is also keeping away from his elder brother Harikrishna and also from Jr NT Rama Rao. it seems the pressure brought by Chandrababu Naidu has worked on Balakrishna and the film star is ready to support his brother in law, in spite of the pressures from his family members.
Though Balakrishna is stating that he will come in to active politics, is not spelling out his role in the party and keeping his followers in guessing. He is trying to bring back those who left the TD and is trying to strengthen his brother in law’s position in the party.
The talk in the political circles is that Balakrishna is not ready to take up a heavy responsibility like the president of Telugu Desam party. Political analysts are saying that the film star is not sure about his abilities to run the party and to play the games in the politics.
Balakrishna feels that it would be better to take shelter under Chandrababu Naidu than challenging him. He wants to play the second fiddle in the party and to support Naidu. May be Balakrishna want that Naidu should not be disturbed since the later was fighting for a win in the next general elections.
While supporters of Jr NTR and Harikrishna are leaving the party, Balakrishna is keeping his loyalists in the organisation so that TD president did not face more embarrassment. May be he will wait till the end of the next elections and may make his move according to the demand of the situation.
The film star may nuetralise the impact of Jr NTR and Harikrishna and may protect Naidu from their onslaught during the elections period.