Balayya Shocks @ Sakshi TV

Nandamuri Balakrishna usually doesn’t prefer giving interviews to TV Channels and mostly keep away from media. To everybody’s surprise, Balayya Babu graced Sakshi TV for a special live program as part of promotions for his latest release Srimannarayana. From couple of days, the actor is busy promoting the film and gracing several Channels. Gracing other TV channels is not a big issue but gracing Sakshi TV, which is a staunch rival to Balayya’s home party Telugu Desam is surely a big issue.

Balayya Fans called upon this live talk show and spoke to their favorite hero. When callers tried to evoke the response of Balayya through some controversial questions, Program Organizers have disconnected such calls. Balayya said that, “Whatever I am today is because of my dad, the legendary actor NTR. I worked hard to come to this stage and I am happy playing a journalist in Srimannarayana.”

Music director Chakri has called upon the show and asked how he gave chance to Ravi Chavali whose last 2 films are duds. Balakrishna said, “The director was trying for my appointment and one day he came to the shooting spot and narrated Srimannarayana subject. I liked the concept as well as Ravi’s confident story telling ability. I could see the film visually with his superb narration.”

It is still a big question as why Balayya graced Sakshi Channel belonging to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy?