Balayya gets warning from his sister

Nandamuri Balakrishna who is all set to enter active politics by playing a constructive role in TDP got a warning from his sister. Union minister and MP, Daggubati Purandareswari warned him indirectly.

‘As his sister, I always welcome him into politics. But what will he do in TDP is something I’ll leave to his consciousnesses, says Purandareswari about Balakrishna’s entry. However, the dynamic MP added that TDP is a party that has shunted legendary NTR out of the party. Indirectly she has given warning to Balayya that one day Naidu will send him out of NTR-Bhavan, says a political observer. Though TDP cadres are fuming over her comments, Balayya is said to be taking them serious and is making his moves tactical.

History says that Purandareswari and her husband Venkateswara Rao played a key role in the ouster of NTR. However, Naidu played a card in the end to take ‘power’ into his own hands, paving way for NTR daughter’s exit. All are ‘politicians’ here, no one is exception!