Balayya Fans Fearing of This Avatar

Generally, Nandamuri Balakrishna uses wigs for all his films. He wore suitable wig for his blockbuster movie ‘Simha’ and Balayya fans were quite happy seeing him in macho look with decent hairstyle. After this movie, his getups are getting frustrating. Balayya fans have been waiting for a good movie since some time. His last movie ‘Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara’ is also a disappointment for them but Balayya character was shown in a decent way.

Now, Balakrishna is coming up with ‘Srimannarayana’ which is slated for August end release. Ravi Chavali is directing the film and Ramesh Puppala is producing it. Balayya fans who have watched their favourite hero in trailer and video songs are feared of his new avatar. His moustache was heavy and his wig is also not looking right. Any one in the world can recognize that it is a wig which did not fit well on Balakrishna head. Not only is his hairstyle even costumes are also found inappropriate. If fans of Balayya themsleves are fearing of this Avatar, what about the other common people? Balayya Babu…when will you get to know about this?