Balayya C.M.; Jr. Ntr M.L.A. !

Although, Y.V.S.Chowdary condemned that he would do a movie, that is named ‘C.M.'(Common Man),with Balakrishna as a hero, nobody is in a position to believe in the words of yvs chowdary, since internal sources say this project is likely to start after a gap of some days. So, it is understood that we can see Balayya as a CM in a couple of days.

If Balayya is the C.M., what would be the position of his son Jr.NTR? Obviously, an M.L.A. Yes, we are going to see Jr.NTR as MLA(Manchi Lakshanalukala Abbayi) in the direction of Harish Shankar. It is reportedly known that NTR has okayed the script of this project. Nallamalupu Bujji will produce this movie. This movie is likely to go to floors only after the completion of NTR’s ‘Badshah’.