Balayya bringing discomfort to CBN

The process of quitting political parties has begun. And first in the list is the Telugu Desam Party which is seeing many quitters. They are individuals who want to secure their future and see YSR Congress as the only hope. But since they need an excuse to come out of the party they are using one tool.

That tool is Nandamuri Balakrishna. The likes of Kodali Nani, Chengala Venkat Rao, Lakshmi Parvathi have been nagging a lot about TDP getting rusted by Chandrababu and how he is keeping away the loyal fans of N T Rama Rao. They are demanding that unless Balakrishna becomes TDP head, things will not change.

Time and again, the usage of Balayya’s name is reportedly bringing discomfort to Chandrababu. Whether he is really keeping the Nandamuri supporters at a distance or not, all this allegations by the quitters is bringing some cracks to the essence of the TDP. It is about time some hard decisions are taken to save the situation.