Balapur laddu fetches record price !

From a mere Rs 450 in 1994, the famous Balapur Ganesh laddu fetched a whopping Rs 7.5 lakh in the open auction held before the start of final Ganesh immersion procession here on Saturday.

Located on the outskirts of Hyderabad, the small village of Balapur in Ranga Reddy district became famous over the years due to the auction of its Ganesh laddu, specially prepared by Agra Sweet House, Charminar. This year too thousands of people belonging to all communities gathered at Balapur to witness the famous auction.

The Balapur laddu this year fetched an unbelievable Rs.7.5lakhs, Rs.2.05lakhs over the Rs.5.45lakhs fetched last year. Out of the 19 people who were a part of the auction, Pannala Govardhan Reddy won the bid. The auctioning of the laddu started in 1994. That year it was Rs.450. People believe that the laddu brings them luck and happiness.