Balapur Laddu auctioned for 10.32 Lakhs

balapurThe tradition of auctioning the Ganesh Laddu which has become mandatory at every single Ganesh idol in the country that began in Balapur in 1994, twenty one years ago

An agriculturist, Kalem Madhan Mohan Reddy and Kalem Ramakrishna Reddy, bought the laddu for Rs. 10.32 lakh on Sunday. In 2014, Singireddy Jaihind Reddy, bought the laddu for Rs. 9.50 lakh . In 2013,Teegala Krishna Reddy bought it for Rs. 9.26 lakh.

The lauddu was give along with 2 kg silver plate , the buys signed a promissory note stating that they would pay the 10.32 lakhs by next year Ganesh Chavithi.